Each year, Guardianlooks donates at least 10% of its profits to MAHAK charity.
The International Society for Children with Cancer is a MAHAK charity, one that originated in Asia over 20 years ago by founder Saideh Ghods. ISCC is a significant non-profit center located in Irvine, California that helps to fund some of the life-saving medical efforts that the MAHAK medical facility provides.
As a MAHAK charity, the ISCC understands all of the many needs that the esteemed medical facility requires. As such, it has increased its outreach to find more funding in recent years to fulfill on timely medical research required to create inroads towards either cancer cures or cancer reduction in children today.
The MAHAK charity has created a series of well-attended events that have brought great funding for the needs of children with cancer. It has also worked through online campaigns that enable their dedicated team of administrators and volunteers to communicate directly with those who can’t attend these special fundraising events, while still accepting donations. 
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